Permanent Exhibition and Center

A few words from 
George Patton “Pat” Waters
US Navy, Retired
Grandson of General George S. Patton

The ultimate goal and vision of the PATRIOT ART FOUNDATION is to create a Museum and Center, right here at home, in the Lowcountry.  

The Museum and Center will:

  • Permanently display all 50 of Mary Whyte’s Portraits of Veterans in America and convey the unique and inspiring story of each veteran’s journey as they acclimated back into civilian life. 
  • Become the premiere Center for delivering art therapy services to the veteran community.  In partnership with certified art therapists, the Center will provide state of the art programs to assist veterans and their families who are struggling with physical or emotional issues. 
  • Under the direction of Mary Whyte, the Center will provide a series of workshops for the general population on the techniques of subject selection, composition, color mixing, perspective, light and other important aspects of the visual arts. 
  • Use an online library of artful educational apps and curriculums available to veterans, teachers and the public to promote art, history, healing and self-expression, while connecting our nation’s veterans with the public.

The leadership of the PATRIOT ART FOUNDATION is comprised of veterans, military leaders, business leaders, educators and artists.  Together we are creating a better world for our veterans and the public through initiatives in art, history, education leadership and imagination. 

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