The PATRIOT ART FOUNDATION was started in 2019 as a means to honor and inspire veterans through art as well as to educate the public about patriotism and leadership.  What began as a touring exhibition of paintings by Mary Whyte called WE THE PEOPLE: Portraits of Veterans in America soon turned into an initiative dedicated to giving veterans themselves a means of self-expression and creativity.  Through hands-on workshops and online classes the mission of the PAF is to better serve our veterans through art and to tell their stories.

The PATRIOT ART FOUNDATION and its supporters are comprised of veterans, military leaders, business leaders, educators and artists.  Together we are creating a better world for our veterans and the public through initiatives in art, history, education, leadership and imagination.

Our Mission
The Patriot Art Foundation

Honoring Veterans Through Art
Expressing the Art of Connection

The mission of the PATRIOT ART FOUNDATION is to use visual arts to honor the veterans who have served our country, celebrate their return to civilian life and assist them in the re-entry process. 

Four Key Pillars:

  • Value the veteran’s military service to America
  • Celebrate the veteran’s return to civilian life and their contributions to the fabric of American society
  • Assist veterans and their families by providing a range of art expression and therapy services
  • Educate:  By using an online library of artful educational apps and curriculums available to veterans, teachers and the public to promote art, history, healing and self-expression, while connecting our nation’s veterans with the public

Our Partners