Our Mission. Our Goal. Our Dream.

The core of the PATRIOT ART FOUNDATION is made up of veterans, artists, educators, philanthropists, therapists, business owners and many selfless volunteers, all with the mission of giving back to our veterans. Our mission is simple. Our dream is big.

Watercolor Palette Flag Picture
Photo of veteran doing art

Our MISSION is to provide free education and materials to veterans who desire to use art as a conduit for self expression, connection and purpose.

Our GOAL is to:

  • Connect & engage 100,000 veterans through our social media
  • Enroll 1,000 veterans annually in our immersive online art programs
  • Give free art materials to all veterans enrolled in our VA sponsored art classes
  • Have a national presence showcasing art for, of and by veterans

Our DREAM: Through the healing qualities of art we hope to give veterans a much needed way to express themselves when words can’t, and to provide a way to navigate a sometimes difficult world with creativity, purpose and joy.


The PATRIOT ART FOUNDATION is comprised of veterans, military leaders, business leaders, educators and artists. Together we are creating a better world for our veterans and the public through initiatives in art, history, education, leadership and imagination.

Positive Impact of Art“Thank you for what you are doing. Learning how to paint has given me my life back.” - Zach H., Veteran

Join UsVolunteer Art Instructors and Mentors

In 2019, Mary Whyte’s groundbreaking traveling exhibition of 50 watercolors called We the People: Portraits of Veterans in America opened to the public in Charleston, South Carolina. In the first six weeks alone over 22,000 people viewed the collection. The response, especially from veterans, confirmed Whyte’s belief in art’s extraordinary power to communicate and connect. And so, what began as fifty portraits turned into a national mission giving veterans a means of finding whole health through art and self expression.

If you have a heart for veterans, art and teaching, contact info@patriotartfoundation.org

The Patriot Art PodcastWith Mary Whyte

Founder, Mary Whyte shares the vision of the Patriot Art Foundation and its mission to help Veterans tell their stories through art.

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