• I have seen veterans make great strides in very short time. Not only in the quality of their art, but in their self-esteem, pride and... — Mary Whyte
  • In the past I holed up and felt isolated. Through art I found connection and community. — Dani F., Veteran
  • I can’t believe I did this painting. My wife will be amazed. — Ralph, Marine veteran
  • When I left the Air Force I wasn’t able to speak. Through learning how to paint I was finally able to talk again. — Rhonda, Air Force veteran
  • Drawing is the only thing that stops the voices in my head. — Ed, Marine Veteran

Positive Impact of Art“Thank you for what you are doing. Learning how to paint has given me my life back.” - Zach H., Veteran

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In 2019, Mary Whyte’s groundbreaking traveling exhibition of 50 watercolors called We the People: Portraits of Veterans in America opened to the public in Charleston, South Carolina. In the first six weeks alone over 22,000 people viewed the collection. The response, especially from veterans, confirmed Whyte’s belief in art’s extraordinary power to communicate and connect. And so, what began as fifty portraits turned into a national mission giving veterans a means of finding whole health through art and self expression.

If you have a heart for veterans, art and teaching, contact Nicki Marquez, Program Administrator: patriotartinfo@gmail.com

The Patriot Art PodcastWith Mary Whyte

Founder, Mary Whyte shares the vision of the Patriot Art Foundation and its mission to help Veterans tell their stories through art.

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